About Us

About Us


Vital Beverages is a biotechnology company, which develops and markets rapid recovery functional beverage products for healthy individuals who undergo transient physiological and cognitive stress episodes.

Vital’s rapid recovery products exclusively incorporate safe, powerful and science-validated dietary actives: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Anti-oxidants and Herbals. The patent (pending) micro-encapsulation technology developed by Vital, enables, for the 1st time, the ability to fully mask foul tasting dietary actives. This results in the ability to provide a dosage of over 25 dietary actives that have never before been able to be combined in a palatable manner. This allows for a very positive consumption experience while allowing the individual to reap the benefits of the formula. The combination of the high and effective dose, coupled with the delivery of the formulation in a beverage form, enables the consumer, typically within 30 minutes from consumption, to sense significant recovery from the pre-consumption symptoms.


The scientific and technology R&D journey of agrip® started back in 2010. Now, close to 9 years since the launch of its development efforts, agrip® has successfully undergone over 2,000 human experiment sessions, which has enabled Vital to reach a consistently effective and safe rapid recovery formulation.


The Team


Amir Barzilay – Vital Group CEO

In the past 33 years, Amir Barzilay held a series of entrepreneur, CEO, Board-of-Directors and VC positions in a variety of public and private life science companies in the fields of: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices, animal health, imaging, and healthcare IT.  

Doron Polity – VP Operations

Doron Polity brings over 20 years of broad international operations experience. In his last position prior to joining Vital Beverages, Doron served as the COO of Sabon, an international cosmetics company, which was acquired by Rocher (France) for $200 Million.

Dr. Michael Fox – Head of Formulation Development

Dr. Fox served for 28 years as a senior formulation expert in Teva (NASDAQ: TEVA), and lead the development of numerous ethical and generic products which became a source for Billions for Teva.